Ron Mutascio P.C.

Ron Mutascio P.C. specializes in small business accounting and individual income tax preparation.

Every client is treated as if they are the only client we service. Our level of attention to your needs is the foundation from which the Firm has been built.

We offer a wide variety of tax and accounting services to fit each individuals needs, both today and in the future. In addition, we are affiliated with numerous business professionals who offer an array of services. Through these affiliations we are able to offer one stop financial services shopping, from business formation all the way to estate planning.

The Firm's philosophy is that although compliance with the myriad of tax rules and regulations is confusing and complicated, conversations with your tax professional should be comprehensive yet easy to understand.

  • Bookkeeping and payroll services
  • Quick Book assistance
  • Compilation Financial Statements
  • Estate planning and elder care


Tax Tip on Write-offs

This week we are going to look at a commonly used phrase that is used in a variety of ways. The phrase is write-off. It can be used as I'll just write it off, it's a total write-off, don't worry my tax guy will write it off, or the dreaded lets write this idea off and chalk it up to experience.

Tax Tip IRS Audits

Oh,Oh!! You got a letter from the Internal Revenue Service that's says you are being audited.

Tax Tip Charitable Donations

One of my favorite tax questions I ask clients is "how much did you give to charity this year?" For a new client the answer might be, "oh just take the maximum allowable deduction".


  • Ron is a wonderful accountant. Smart, organized, detailed, hard-working, and just all around great guy. This was the first year we used Ron, and the amount of money we got back in our taxes... means he will see a lot more of us. I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants a great return!

    Carron- Melrose, Ma

  • Excellent ! Highly Recommend Ron's Services !! I knew nothing about accounting and Ron took my jumbled mess of paperwork, and got me back on track with. He explained everything in an understandable way and now I am on time with all my company deadlines and filings. No more Penalties !! Ron saves me more than his services cost !!!

    Thanks, Jack