Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various Tax Filing Dates?

January 15th
Estimated Taxes. Final installment of prior year estimated tax (Form 1040-ES) unless income tax return is filed with final payment by January 31st of current year

January 31st
Individuals who owed, but did not pay, estimated tax on January 15th above, must file final prior year income tax return Form 1040 and pay tax in full to avoid late payment penalty.

February 15th
Last day for filing Form W-4 by employees who wish to claim exemption from withholding of income tax for current year.

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A schedule of recommended accepted values for non cash charitable contributions

The Salvation Army Valuation Guide For Donated Items.

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Things that tax preparers need that clients forget to provide

Information on estimated tax payments made during the year. This must include the amounts and dates of the actual payments. If you were scheduled to make estimated payments and didn't, then simply let me know that no estimated payments were made.

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